3 Categories of Woodworkers Who Can Benefit From Investing in Miter Saws

Who Can Benefit From Investing In Miter Saws

In just the same way there are different power tool categories; miter saws come with wide-ranging features, functionalities and specifications. But given the cost, size and requirements of these saws, you’ll want to make sure you only buy what you really need at any given time. So, who needs miter saws? We discuss.

Beginner Woodworkers​

If you are just getting started or your workshop mainly handles basic tasks like making cross cuts and miter cuts then a basic miter saw would be a welcome addition. As the name implies, this kind of saw is quite simple and therefore relatively affordable. Its unmatched level of simplicity means you can just dab with woodworking until are fully ready for more complicated tasks. One the flip-side, though, this saw won’t offer you the flexibility to make a wide variety of cuts. But on a positive note, it delivers highly accurate cuts and can really transform your simple cutting tasks into mind-blowing pieces of work.

Advanced Woodworkers

As your scope of work widens, you may need to invest in a compound miter saw. This power tool allows you to make simple cuts as well as bevel cuts. The blade can move upwards, downwards or even sideways (depending on whether it’s a dual-action or single-action blade). What’s more, you can tilt the blade horizontally. You can go for this if you’re more into making crown molding, as it makes the task much easier and improves the degree of accuracy. Another way to put this saw to good use is by completing jobs such as creating picture frames and joining long pieces of wood e.g. when creating skirting boards.

Professional Woodworkers​

As a professional woodworker, the best miter saw you can go for is the sliding compound miter saw. Ranked as the most versatile miter saw available, it comes will a wide variety of features including a sliding arm that allows you to cut wider and thicker pieces. The main difference between the sliding type and the compound one is that it is built with special rails so you can slide the saw either forward or backward while cutting.

Thanks to this increased cutting capacity, you can tackle even the trickiest cuts and even take on serious commercial projects. Although it is the most expensive of the three, it can offer a substantial return on investment for those dealing with large stocks. It may not however be a good investment if you are just getting started or if you are handling a limited stock.

You can invest in this type of saw if you handle tasks such as cutting fencing posts, boards or even logs.​

You should by now have a pretty good idea on who needs a miter saw and why. To sum it all up, basic miter saws are good for small jobs, compound miter saws are ideal for relatively busy workshops while sliding miter saws are best for heavy duty jobs. It’s recommended to choose a tool that suits your exact needs in order to maximize on efficiency.