About Us

First of all, allow us to welcome you to our web page, Saw Specialists, we are glad you found us and decided to check out what we have to say on the topic of circular saws! Our aim here is two-fold: to introduce you to the versatile (albeit not on first glance!) world of circular saws, and after that help you pick the one that will be best suited for your particular project. We understand that choosing a tool like this is hard, especially if you have no experience. That is why we built this site, to help DIY handymen find proper advice on saws. If you are by chance a professional, welcome as well! You will excuse our over-simplification, we are trying to introduce the subject of saws to laymen as simply as possible. However, we are sure that even professionals with years of experience will find our reviews useful and beneficial.

Who We Are​

We are a group of DIY enthusiasts who were scared of attempting any carpentry for a long time because of an overwhelming fear of scope and the effort that goes into building your own shelves, cabinets, tables, and other furniture! Once we’ve gotten over our fear of saws everything started working out! All kidding aside, we were never afraid of saws, but we are very much into making stuff with our own hands. We’ve noticed that a lot of our friends had a real issue when it came to circular saws. As they all look alike, we would often be asked to recommend one saw or another, and then asked to clarify our pick. We got bored of doing that day-in-day-out so we decided to build this handy website where you can check out our reviews of what we feel are the bests saws on the market.

It all boils down to what are you going to use the saw for and how often. Having a clear understanding of what any particular saw can do for you, while make it easier on you when it comes the time to choose one!

What We Do​

It’s really no rocket science; we research and review circular saws of different types and powers, so we can make a better recommendation to you when you come to us with questions! A lot of the saws that we reviewed here were once a part of our toolkit, and some of them still are. We’ve used some for years, and because they proved to be great we still use them. Others we had a chance to test out in the field extensively. We would like to point out that all of our reviews are unbiased and –non-subjective! We do not receive a dime from any of the manufacturers and we strive to give an open and honest opinion of every saw we review!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, please send us a mail at hello [at] sawspecialists [dot] com! We are always available for a chat and would love hearing from you!​