Battery Circular Saw

As the technology progresses we are seeing more and more people switching their regular cord power tools for the cordless ones. The reason for that is that they are easier to handle and they allow you to move around more. Additionally, most of them are using some type of batteries that are really strong and enable you to work a couple of hours before they run out of juice. Have in mind that in the past there were battery powered circular saws, but unfortunately, they weren’t strong enough and people didn’t find them as attractive as they did regular circular saws.

But, since manufacturers managed to implement new types of batteries into their respected products; circular saws, people went crazy for them. Now, there are people out there who still prefer using good old circular saws with cables and everything but with each day that number decreases.

Even though we love battery powered circular saws, there are some things you need to know and of course, every battery circular saw is not necessarily the best battery circular saw. In this article, we will help you pick yourself the best one, and of course to help you find out which saw you really need.

Тоp rated Battery Circular Saw: What to Look For​

Battery circular saws come in many different shapes and sizes which makes it really hard to pick the right one. Even though they are made to be exactly the same as their predecessors, they could lack some mandatory features. If you want to avoid picking that type of saw then keep on reading.​

  • Battery type and motor – We need to make this clear right away. If you buy a battery powered circular saw that has a strong motor and high number of RPM, but the battery isn’t good enough then you might end up with a bad saw that will last you for a couple of minutes and you’ll spend more time charging it than actually working with it. On the other hand, if you pick a saw with great battery and low power motor you’ll be cutting one simple piece of wood for hours. Our advice is to go for a circular saw that has somewhere between 12V Lithium-Ion battery and that has a motor with circa 1400 PRMs. Anything below 12V won’t last long enough and anything less than 1400 RPMs will take to much time to cut.
  • Accessories and kit – Unlike circular saws that have you bound to the electricity outlet, the best battery circular saws usually have additional add-ons included in the price. We can’t tell you enough how much we love to get additional stuff, because we always feel that we are getting them for free (even if we deep down know that we don’t). Most common add-ons are additional battery and charger. Some manufacturers like to throw in a knife or two as a helping hand for a detailed work on the wood.
  • Built-in dust blower and laser guide – At first we thought these two aren’t the necessity when it comes to battery powered circular saw because they just sucked energy too fast which makes our battery life even shorter, and at the end, our work would last too long. But, we must admit that we were wrong. The dust blower and laser guide work perfectly with our battery powered circular saw and don’t waste too much energy, additionally, our cats have never been so nice and clean, and mess around us has decreased to a mere minimum.

We are definitely sure this advice will help you find the best battery circular saw that will help you get the proper work done fast, precise and safe.