Cheap Circular Saw

As you by now already know, there are a ton of good circular saw out there and all you need to do is look for the one that will suit you the best. Unfortunately, some people aren’t able to buy the one they want but the one they can afford. When if comes to buying power tools it usually isn’t the shopping of our lives because we can’t pick the power tool our heart desires but the one our wallet can handle.

Additionally, power tools aren’t considered mandatory stuff and people more than often think you don’t really need them. It is easier to go for the cheap solution and buy yourself a regular saw that only utilizes your own strength when cutting something. But, what if we tell you that you can have both good and cheap circular saw. Even though regular saws can be more appealing when looking at price, do you really want to spend hours and hours cutting down one simple piece of wood? Because we certainly don’t want to.

Cheap Circular Saw: What to Look For​

We admit, searching for the right fit of quality and price can be tiring task and usually you give up after some time. Unfortunately, this usually brings two simple outcomes; you either buy an expensive circular saw that you don’t actually need, or you buy a cheap one that will break after second or third time you use it. Fortunately for you, we took the time to investigate, do a proper research and invested a lot of nerves not to give up. At the end, we made a list of thing you need to look for when buying a good and cheap circular saw. Of course, we won’t be talking about the price too much because we found out that the best cheap circular saws usually tend to have a similar price. Usually, their price range is somewhere between $65 and $100, so don’t waste your time with anything lower than that.

Just like any other circular saw, the best cheap circular saw needs to have some standard features if it wants to be bought. Unlike the cheapest ones that lack any type of sustain and longevity, this one will actually be available saws for a couple of years. But, without any further ado, let us get to some main features you need to look for when picking cheap circular saw.​

  • Warranty – Right of the bat, we will start with warranty. This one will help you a lot, believe it or not. If your saw doesn’t have a warranty and is cheap as hell ask yourself one simple question; if the manufacturer doesn’t believe this product is worth repairing why should I? believe it or not, but this simple rule helped us a lot when we first started to look at cheap saws.
  • Burn cuts – Low-grade material can be spotted on sight. When talking about cheap circular saws people tend to assume that they are made from scraps and low-quality materials. It is this common thinking that forced manufacturers to state the list of materials that were used to make a saw. Unfortunately, some of them might slip one or two high-end materials just to pull you in, but if by any chance you can’t see a marker that says burn-free cuts just ignore that saw.
  • Weight – This one is a bit tricky because nowadays you can’t tell if the product is good because it is so light or you automatically assume it misses something making it really lightweight. Fortunately, we noticed a pattern when looking at the weight of the best cheap circular saws. They usually weight around 9 to 15 pounds making them both lightweight and high-quality saws.

We are sure that if you follow these three simple rules and look carefully you’ll find yourself a good and affordable circular saw.