Top rated Cordless Circular Saw

If there is anything more annoying when using some power tool then that surely are cords. We can’t think of anything else that can cause more problems than cords, especially when you are in the middle of your work and they are all over the place. Additionally, they control your movements way too much and you have to do your job as they tell you to. If you are agreeing with us and you are more cordless power tool oriented person than you are the right place.​

Here we will talk about the best cordless circular saws and what to look for when buying one. Already at the start, we want to point out that usual misconceptions about cordless circular saw not having enough power to cut anything are untrue and many of us can tell you that.

Top rated Cordless Circular Saw: What to Look For​

The best thing about this power tools is the sense of freedom and unparalleled maneuverability regular circular saws can’t provide. Additionally, cordless saws offer the same amount of power in comparison to others and they are as versatile as any other. All in all, if you are a fast fix kind of person this will definitely be the best investment in your life.

When looking at cordless circular saws we must point out that some can be problematic due to their lack of stamina. Some of them tend to run out of juice a bit too quick. In order to avoid these problems, we decided to help you navigate through the market and to create for you a better picture of what you really need in a cordless circular saw.​

  • Battery – As we said earlier, some manufacturers can be misleading and you might end up with a nice looking saw that will last for an hour or even less. To avoid that we advise you to properly check the battery type of every saw you want to buy. In our honest opinion, the best battery by far is the Lithium-Ion one because it will last longer than usual batteries nad it charges faster. Also, if your cordless circular saw offers you a second battery as included part of the package make that saw your priority pick.
  • Built-in dust blower – Some saw has it some don’t, but there is nothing worse than having dust all over the place while working. Not only will it make your breathing heavier, it might cause an accident due to the lack of vision. Additionally, not having a proper dust blower might result in wrong and not so clean cuts. Even though some saw has a special part that can be connected to the vacuum cleaner, this solution kind of results in you pulling the cords of vacuum cleaner around the place. Not so cordless after all, right?
  • Additional accessories – Even though we are not to complicated when it comes to cutting, once in a while we like to have some spare parts and additional features included with our power tool. Not only does it feel that you are getting free stuff with your circular saw, but also some parts will greatly shorten your time consumption and will be helpful in the time of need. Usually, these additional accessories are another battery, charging station and cleaning items.

We are sure this article will help you in your quest of finding the best cordless circular saw and it will provide enough information there are any questions regarding the topic.