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Best Miter Saw Reviews

In this article, we will give you some more information about miter saws. Whether you are a professional or you just enjoy spending your free time in the garage full of tools, making new things out of old and forgotten ones, you would definitely benefit from buying a saw. Well, we all know that the word saw is a bit too abstract as it comes in a variety of types and models and each one of them has different features.

Even though there are a lot of types of saws in the market today, we decided that miter saw is our favorite so we will tell you more about it. Its main purpose is cutting wood but it is also good for cutting plastics, aluminum, and even concrete. A miter saw is a great choice for beginners and professionals but there is some additional equipment that can make your job even easier, such as laser guide system for instance. Another thing to consider is that this type of saws comes in three different types. We will tell you more about them later on.

Different Types of Miter Saw​

There are three types of miter saws on the market. These are Basic miter saw, Compound miter saw and Sliding compound miter saws. We will give you some information about each one of them to help you choose the best one for your needs. Pay attention to this information to find out which type of miter saw is best for which cuts and which features are characteristic for each miter saw type.​

Basic Miter Saws

Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Basic miter saws are usually very affordable and precise. They make clean cuts but they are a better choice for some simple cutting tasks as they are not able to do a wide variety of cuts. They are limited to doing miter cuts as there is no bevel option. All of this makes them a great option for beginners and casual woodworkers.

Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

A compound miter saw is a type of miter saw that is able to do both miter and bevel cuts. These types are divided into single bevel and dual bevel compound miter saws. In this article, we will talk about the specific model of the compound miter saw. This model is called Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw and it is known for its power, speed, accuracy and ability to get a variety of different jobs done perfectly.

Features of Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw​

This model is really powerful which is really fascinating if we take its size into considerations. It also has some new and useful options and all of this makes this saw really unique. This saw is considered to be one of the best compounds miter saws on the market and that is all thanks to the many satisfied customers.​

  • Motor: Motor is the first thing you need to pay attention to as it will determine the machine’s power, efficacy, speed and much more. This model comes with a 15 amp motor which is really powerful for such a small saw. This means it is fast, precise and it makes clean cuts with no splinters.
  • Miter angle range: This model has a 0-52 degree miter angle range to the right and to the left. This makes this saw extremely flexible which is a quite desirable feature when it comes to some harder tasks to overcome.
  • Bevel range: This saw has a 0-45 degree bevel range with adjustable bevel stops for precision cuts. This affects it precision quite a bit.
  • Weight: Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw weighs 26.3 lb (approximately 11 kg). This is one of its greatest features. It is so light I weight that you can transport it anywhere you want and you don’t need any help for it. This is particularly great because the majority of saws that are so light have much less powerful motor than this one
Advantages of Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

  • Handle: One of my favorite features is this saw’s handle that includes Elastomer grip. This grip reduces vibration which means that by having this grip you gain more control over the saw. This is an extremely useful and helpful feature because it makes you safer, minimizes the risk of getting injured or making the wrong cut and it makes sewing more enjoyable.
  • Price: Since price is an important factor I simply have to mention it. For this saw, I would personally pay even more because it really has everything. I would say that it has a good quality to price ratio and I haven’t regretted a single dime.
  • Dust collector: This model comes with a dust collector which is a pretty useful thing to have. It will help you to keep your workplace neat but it is also good for your health because it prevents the sawing dust to get into your lungs.
Bottom Line

In conclusion, Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw has everything you need to get the job done perfectly. The only thing that isn’t as effective as it should be is the laser guide so you should think about how accurate you need your laser to be. Everything else is in place and even more than that. This saw deserves to be called as one of the best because it really offers everything that you need and even more. Make sure you read the instructions for this model before you start using it and always use it carefully because it can be a dangerous tool if you don’t handle it the way you should.​

Compound Miter Saws

Unlike the basic ones, compound miter saws make not only miter cuts but also bevel cuts. Besides these options compound miter saws usually, have even additional options. These saws can be found in two different types: single bevel and dual bevel. A single bevel model makes bevel cuts in only one direction whereas dual bevel compound miter saw makes both left and right bevel cuts so the piece doesn’t have to be moved for the second cut.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw

Sliding compound miter saw is usually the most expensive type of miter saws but it has all features of a compound miter saw plus the additional sliding arm that allows you to cut bigger and wider pieces of material. This saw is usually recommended to people that often work with large stocks.

DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw Review​

If you are in a search for a powerful saw that will be able to cut large pieces of wood or metal and that will be able to do that precisely than you’re probably in a search for sliding compound miter saw. But now you have to decide on a model and this is usually the hardest task of all. In this article, I will present to you my personal favorite sliding compound miter saw. This model is called DEWALT DWS709 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw and it has everything you would want in a saw.​

Features of DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw​

This is a really powerful machine that is known for its speed and accuracy and the best thing about it is that it’s not big and heavy like other powerful saws but rather compact and lightweight. It is great for getting even heavy duty jobs done and is best known for its accuracy, power, speed and smoothness.​

  • Motor: This model has a 15 Amp 3800 RMP motor. This means that the motor is really powerful and that it is able to do really clean cuts in short time. It is really fast which makes it even more precise and it leaves the edges smooth and splinter free.
  • Design: This saw has a compact design and is really light in weight. It weighs 51 lb. This means it can be transported with not causing any problems and is overall easy to install. This can be a really important feature for people who need to move their saw from one place to another and also for people who have limited place in their garage or workshop.
  • The adjustable miter detent plate: The adjustable miter detent plate allows you to quickly adjust the saw in right position. It results in saw being more accurate. 13 positive miter detents help you to adjust the saw to most common miter angles fast and easily.
Advantages of DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw

  • Accuracy: My first criteria for choosing a great saw is definitely accuracy because it determines the quality of your future work. The reason I love this model is that it’s really accurate and fast. It makes clean cuts and smooth edges and I think this is what a saw should be like.
  • Dual bevel: DEWALT DWS709 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw has a dual bevel which means it makes both right and left bevel cuts so it doesn’t have to be moved to make the second cut. It is a pretty useful feature because it makes your job quite easier and simpler.
  • Oversized bevel scale: Oversized bevel scale is a great thing because it makes adjusting bevel angles more accurate and easy.
Bottom Line

​DEWALT DWS709 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw is one of the best miter saws out there and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is searching for a lightweight, powerful, accurate and fast machine with additional features that make sewing more enjoyable. There are some things that I didn’t like as much like 3 years warranty for example but this model is known for its durability so it shouldn’t be a problem. All in all DEWALT DWS709 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw is a great machine for a great price. Just make sure you read the user’s guide before you start using it because it is well written and it will help you a lot. Also, always use it carefully to minimize the risk of injuries because safety is the most important thing you have to look after.

What to Look for in a Good Best Miter Saw

If you decided to buy a miter saw there are some things you need to know. Listed below are some features you should look for if you want to find the best miter saw to match your requirements.​

  • Laser guide system: Laser guide system is not necessary equipment but we highly recommend it because it will make your job easier and your cuts cleaner. However, not every saw matches with every laser guide system so we advise you to read some reviews about the particular saw model you decided to buy, to see which laser guide system would be perfect for it.
  • The blade: The blade that usually comes with the saw is a rougher blade that is not predicted for finer cuts. If your job or hobby requires some cleaner cuts and fine finishes, you should consider buying the additional blade that you could use for this type of work. Also, if you will often change the blade for different types of work, it is very important that you make sure the blades are easily replaceable.
  • Dust collection system: The majority of dust collection systems that come with miter saws consist only out of dust bag, which, honestly, isn’t very effective. But there are always some exceptions and there are rare models that come with an effective dust collection system. This is a really useful option because the dust collection system will keep your workplace neat and will also prolong your saws lifespan as it will prevent the dust from getting inside the saw. Unfortunately there is no way to know which dust collection systems are effective and which are not. This is why we recommend you to read the reviews of the models you are interested in and you will find all the information you need.
  • Safety options: A miter saw, as well as every other saw is a dangerous tool to operate. This is why you should pay attention to safety features such as electric brakes and fence guards. Not only we recommend you to make sure that the saw you choose has these options but you should also read some reviews to figure out how efficient are they.

All in all, a miter saw is a great machine that will leave you with clean cuts, fine edges and a smile on your face. We hope this article has helped get to know this type of saw a bit more and understand how helpful it is. We advise you to read some reviews about the particular models you are interested in to see if they have some of the features mentioned before and to get some more information about their efficiency. We advise you to be very careful while using this machine. You can do that by using safety equipment and choosing the saw with additional safety features. Even if you will have to pay a bit more for these features, we recommend it because your safety is the most important thing.