Superb Portable Circular Saw

If you are by any chance a workaholic and you like to have your power tools always by your side then you certainly need portable ones. Even though people don’t usually decide to go with these types of tools, this product can have their fair share of pros. The most obvious one is, of course, the portable part, but they are usually really lightweight making them really easy to handle, maneuver with them and at the end, you get far better results than with some heavy duty power tool.

With everything said, portable circular saws aren’t any different. They are the best choice if you don’t want to buy two different saws and use them at home and work. Additionally, they are the best thing if you need to do some simple woodwork or carpeting in your cabin that you visit only weekends.

Superb Portable Circular Saw: What to Look for​

First of all, let us make one thing clear here. These saws are no different to a regular circular saw, they have the power to do the proper cutting, they are nicely designed and they are the best when it comes to cutting nice and clean cuts in smaller spaces. But, even with these, there are something you need to know. The best way to find out what is the most important and mandatory feature the best portable circular saw must have is to read this article until the end. Unlike any other research, this one gave us a bit trouble. Not because there were too many bad laws, but because there were a ton of good ones. But, eventually, we managed to find the best ones and we managed to find out what features the best ones have.

Since they are by default cordless our main goal was to find the ones that can do the job properly and do it for a longer period of time.​

  • Battery and power – Our major concern was that these saws won’t pack enough power since they need to be lightweight and easy to move around. Fortunately for us, some manufacturers thought about this also and made their portable circular saws really strong and durable. Don’t get this wrong, every saw we came across was durable, but with the type, we want to know how long will the battery last. In the case of the portable circular saws manufacturers nicely label the length of the battery which will definitely help you pick the right one. Usually, they have an Energy Star award which means they can last a few hours longer than regular portable circular saw.
  • Ergonomically designed handle – since they will be used more often than any other saws (due to the fact that you are buying a portable one since you need it close at all times) these saws need to have an ergonomically shaped handle. There is nothing more troublesome than to have too much strain on your hand while working on some important projects. Luckily, the best portable circular saws have the best designs and will fit nicely whether you are right of left handed.
  • Additional accessories – This one is probably the most important feature. The best thing about this saws is the portable part, and it would be really troublesome if you can’t put it in some bag or case to carry it around. Luckily, the best portable circular saws come with cases in which you can store your saw, additional batteries, portable charger and some other tools that might help you while working on some beautiful piece of wood.

Hopefully, this article helps you get a clearer picture of what you need to look for when picking yourself the best portable circular saw.