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Whether you already own a scroll saw or you are planning on buying one there is quite a lot of information you need to hear about the blades them self. Blades are the most important thing when it comes to cutting and using a blade that is not predicted for that material or task can make a significant change, negative one of course.

However, there is no need to worry. This is not that complicated. There are several types of blades and we will mention their most important features and, of course, what are they used for. Since this is a basic guide we also recommend you to read some specific reviews on the particular models, just to make sure you are buying a good product.

Different Types of Scroll Saw Blades​

There are a lot of different blades on the market. Listed below are the most common blades and some information about them. It is important to know that every blade type has its purpose. Don’t think that it’s a good choice to cut everything with just one blade.​

Standard/Regular Tooth Blades

These blades have the simplest tooth design. The teeth are of the same size and are right next to each other. They come in 2 different types and these are metal and wood blades. The difference between these two is that the wood blades have bigger teeth and more space between them.

Skip-Tooth Blades

These blades have more space between the teeth than standard blades. If you are a beginner we would recommend you this one as they stay cool and make clean cuts.

Double Skip Tooth Blades

These blades are basically skip-tooth blades that have a gap between every set of teeth. They are a bit slower when cutting but they do leave a really smooth finish.

Reverse Tooth Blades

These blades look like skip-tooth blades with just one difference. The last inch of teeth is pointed to a different direction. This feature allows them to make clean cuts in both directions. They also leave a smooth and splinter-free finish.

Precision-Ground Tooth Blades

These blades have razor-sharp teeth that have been made from the finest carbon steel. They are the most precise and long lasting of all. They are fast in both straight and radius cuts and leave even smoother finish. However, they are really sharp and aggressive so you need to be very careful when using them.

Spiral Blades

Spiral blades are made of normal blades that have been twisted together. That resulted in spiral blades having teeth from all sides. These blades are great for cutting highly detailed patterns.

Crown-Tooth Blades

These blades have crown-shaped teeth. They cut a bit slower than the others but they are a great choice for cutting some kinds of plastic.

Other Special Blades

If you are interested in cutting metal, plastic or even glass you should use these special blades. They are not hard to find but before buying make sure that that blade particularly is a great choice for you.

What to Look for in a Good Scroll Saw Blade

Deciding on a model is not easy. We are aware of that as the market is full of different models. Listed below are some features we thought you should pay attention to. We hope this information will help you choose the best scroll saw and the best scroll saw blades to match. This is only basic information about the features you should look for or pay attention to but we advise you to read some scroll saw review to get additional information on the specific models you are interested in.​

  • Material: The important thing you have to consider when choosing a blade is a material you are planning on cutting. The majority of blades are made out of steel blanks. This makes them able to cut almost every wood. However, if you need to cut aluminum or plastic, you will probably need to use some special kinds of knives. This is important to keep in mind because your choice of the knife depends on the material you want to cut.
  • Measurements: Measurements of the blades are also something that depends on the material you need to cut. These measurements are listed in numbers and vary from 12 to even below 0. Number 12 is the biggest and has the smallest amount of teeth per inch. The smallest number has the thinnest blade and the biggest amount of teeth per inch. Thicker blades (big numbers) are used to cut thick materials while the thin blades are used to cut through thinner materials. It is recommended to use a lower speed when you’re working with the thinner blades as they can burn wood if the speed is too fast. With thicker knives (9-12 for example) you should work with higher speed.
  • Patterns: Your choice of the blade depends also on the patterns you want to achieve. Thicker knives are not good for cutting tight corners. If you need to cut some complex patterns we advise you to choose the blade with small teeth even though the material might be thick because you will not get the job done well with thick knives.
  • Compatibility: You should keep in mind that there are Pin-end and Plain-end types of blade. Pin-ends are usually used in older saws while the Plain ends are usually used in modern ones. Even though the pin ends are easier and faster to change, the plain ends are superior out of those two. A plain-end blade can slip through a 1/64” hole and pin-end blade would need a 1/16” hole. This is a great feature for cutting some complex patterns.

We hope this article has helped you learn a bit more about the scroll saw blades and to make your decision easier. Try to keep all of this in mind when buying the scroll saw blades and we believe you will make the right decision. Also, we advise you to use safety equipment when cutting and to use the saw carefully and responsibly. Your safety is the most important thing in the world.