Important Miter Saw Safety Tips and Advices

Important Miter Saw Safety Tips and Advices

A miter saw is undoubtedly a manifestation of diversity when it comes to woodworking. If well used, it can be a game changer in the woodworking context. It does not only construct cuts but also fine cuts. You only need to use a blade with more than 90 teeth to have fine cuts. Its portable and easy setup attributes magnify its importance. However, the real test for woodworkers lies in their capacity to safely use a good miter saw. This article will indulge readers by furnishing them with various safety tips and advice to observe.

Ensure the Working Area Is Conducive​

It is compulsory to observe high standards of cleanliness when using a miter saw. The working area must be without clutter to steer a smooth operate.

Stability Should Be a Priority​

A miter saw is able to function properly and cause little harm when stability is gathered. Clamping the miter saw to a stand develops and maintains its stability.

Release the Trigger Switch Upon Completion of Tasks​

Practicing this safety tip curtails unintentional injuries from taking place. This is mostly when a person accidentally comes into contact with the blade. Releasing the trigger switch stops the functioning of the blade any longer. To strengthen this safety measure, raising the blade from the working area is necessary.

Always Protect Your Eyes and Ears​

This is universal advice when operating any type of a saw. Thus applies to a miter saw. Sawdust emitted during cutting is not good for an individual’s health. Pieces of wood can also damage the eyes and ears. Continuous subjection of the ears to noise emitted by a miter saw can present hearing challenges. A face shield, sunglasses and ear muffs need to be integrated to enhance protection of eyes and ears. A dust mask prevents dust from penetrating to eyes, ears and lungs.

Fitting Gloves Are an Asset​

Gloves are vital especially when an individual is working on treated lumber. Treated lumber has more moisture content than construction lumber. It is very easy for chemical substances from treated lumber to come into contact with your skin presenting health complications. To avoid this, always have a pair of gloves on.

Protect Your Hands and Arms​

When using a miter saw, you should practice extreme caution to avoid hurting your hands. Ensure the distance between your hands and the blade is to some extent big. Your hands should be about 6 inches away from blade. In addition to that, they should not be anywhere near the turntable. When cutting with this saw, crossing the arms ought to be avoided.​

Support Large Pieces of Wood

Large pieces of wood are hectic to cut. On most occasions, they can destabilize when being cut. Using a miter saw stand provides the necessary support.

Unplug a Miter Saw From the Source of Power​

This is applicable in two scenarios. Doing blade adjustments and repairs is one such scenario. When cutting tasks are over, the miter saw should be unplugged from the source of power.​

To wrap up, safety greatly matters when using a miter saw. It is the mandate of miter saw users to familiarize with safety tips so as to traverse their cutting activities with ease. Most importantly, miter saw users regardless of their level of experience must be well versed with manufacturers’ advice concerning safety and maintenance measures to follow.