Makita 5007F Circular Saw Review

Makita is yet another trusted name in the tools department. This brand is known for the quality and durability of its product so you can rest assured that you will be making a sound purchasing decision if you decide to buy one of their products. This sidewinder 5007F model is a great saw for homeowners who need to do some lightweight carpentry around the house and do not plan to use it day in and day out.

Features of Makita 5007F​

Makita 5007F

Makita 5007F model comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty that covers labors and parts. And those are some quality parts, trust us, so 9 cases out of 10 you won’t have to invoke the warranty. This saw is built to last and weighs about 11 pounds. It is not the lightest one on the market, but it’s not the heaviest either plus the added weight might come in handy during some particular jobs.​

  • Powerful motor – Regardless of its compact size this circular saw is very powerful: Powered by a 15 amp motor it is capable of achieving 5800 RPMs, which is more than enough to tackle all those small jobs you might run into in your household.
  • AC/DC switch – Another great feature is the AC/DC switch. This enables you to be completely ambivalent about the power source since you can utilize whichever current you have handy and available.
  • Lower guard design – It is often difficult to get those precise bevel and narrow cuts when using a circular saw. The lower guard design on this Makita model solves that problem and enables you to cut cleanly and accurately.

Advantages of Makita 5007F

  • Integrated dust blower – To make sure that all your cuts are precise and that you actually know where the saw is going, Makita has integrated a dust blower on this model. It gets rid of dust particles as you saw, leaving the surface clean.
  • LED lights – Another feature that improves on visibility and safety are these integrated LED lights that provide you with the enhanced vision of the cut area. They are small, compact and not in the way, but greatly improve your sense of direction and accuracy.
  • Easy to use and maintain – The saw is easy to set up and use, even though it is advisable that you have some previous experience in handling such tools, simply because of practical and safety reasons. It cleans up in a second. If you regularly change the carbon brushes and add a drop of oil and you can expect it to last for a long time.

One thing that is missing on this circular saw is a well-functioning electrical brake. Some users find that a bit disturbing as it reduces safety when handling the saw, but note that if you follow the instructions and are careful, everything should be in order.

Bottom Line​

All in all, this is a great handy tool to have in your toolbox, especially if you occasionally love to do some DIY projects and stuff around the house. Makita 5007F 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is both powerful and affordable, making it a great buy for all budget conscientious buyers that still want to buy a quality, durable product.