Makita 5477NB Circular Saw Review

If you are on the market for a new circular saw you might want to take a look at the Makita 5477NB hypoid model. This is a great saw for both DIY handymen and professionals. While it lacks the thrust conventional worm drive saws deliver, its unique hypoid gearing system delivers power more evenly and reliably, so every cut you make is absolutely flawless.

Features of Makita 5477NB​

Makita 5477NB

The 15 amp motor that powers this hypoid saw is mounted behind the machine, to the right and a bit upwards. This allowed the manufacturer to extend the handle so it is easier to handle and maneuver. It weighs around 15 pounds, so it is not the lightest saw on the market, but it is still lighter than most of those bulky worm-drive saws. The base is made out of quality aluminum that will withstand the test of both time and use.​

  • Hypoid heat-treated gear system – This new gear system is less prone to overheating and prolongs the life of the machine. Since it is heat-treated, gear components are toughened, have more surface contact and can provide more reliable action.
  • Bevels to 51.5 degrees – The saw bevels from 0 to 51.5 degrees and has a positive stop at 45 degrees. During perpendicular use, it will cut to the depth of 2-3/8 inches, and on a 45-degree angle, the cutting depth is 13/4 inches.
  • Blade design – The manufacturer placed the blade on the left of the motor, which is somewhat unusual for a circular saw. Unusual, but not at all bad as this positioning allows for better visibility for those cuts that require maximum precision.

Advantages of Makita 5477NB

  • External access to carbon brushes – Carbon brushes, or block, get abraded every so often and have to be replaced. This machine allows you to access them easily since you don’t have to disassemble it to get to them.
  • Sealed gears – Gears are sealed in an oil bath which means that maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum since you don’t have to oil them or anything. This is great as most people tend to forget about basic maintenance. This way you don’t have to think about it.
  • Ergonomic handle – The handle is ergonomically designed to fit your palm perfectly and to reduce chafing and pressure points that might result in hand cramps and pains. It is covered in rubber so it doesn’t slip or slide while in use.

While this is a great, powerful saw to have around the house, some users note that it can be somewhat heavy and cumbersome during long working hours. However, since it was not intended for the day-long use you probably won't be pushing it that hard anyway, so that will not be an issue.

Bottom Line​

This well-designed, powerful and durable saw is definitely a great addition to your tools collection. Makita 5477NB 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Hypoid Saw is both ergonomically designed and offers improved visibility thanks to the position of the blade. Its affordable price and high quality make it a great buy!​