SKILSAW SPT77WML Circular Saw Review

This worm drive saw model is manufactured by Skilsaw, a company that recently repositioned itself on the market by branching from the Skill Tool brand and focusing exclusively on manufacturing industry-grade circular saws. It is a heavy-duty saw that is geared towards professional carpenters that need to have a reliable piece of machinery. So far, Skilsaw is delivering on its promise, as very little customers have anything but the words of praise for this particular model.

Features of SKILSAW SPT77WML​

This worm drive saw offer precision of cut and accuracy that is unparalleled for its class. It is made from durable but lightweight magnesium, so it is both easy to handle and maneuver and guaranteed to take a heavy beating and still work like a charm. The housing keeps the motor cooler for extended periods of time, allowing you to tackle longer jobs without the fear of burnout or damage.​

  • 15 amp motor – This saw is equipped with a Dual-Field motor that was designed especially for circular saws. It offers plenty of power and torque and is a great tool to carry on a job. Even the toughest materials will budge thanks to its overwhelming power.
  • 53-degree bevel – Most saws bevel to 51 degrees. This one goes to 53 degrees, which is great as it offers a wider variety of cuts and more precision during those cuts.
  • Anti-snag guard – The lower guard is designed with care, and allows you to perform delicate cuts on smaller pieces of material without getting caught on them, ensuring smooth and precise operation.

Advantages of SKILSAW SPT77WML

  • Cut-Ready – This saw features a CutReady feature that is great for adjusting cutting depth on the fly. It is a system that has standard cutting depth measures on depth bracket gauge, so there is no need to fiddle around with the settings and lose valuable time.
  • Lighter than most – Without the blade, the saw weighs less than 12 pounds, which is impressive if you consider that this is a worm drive saw. Its lightness means that it is easily maneuverable and you can use it for extended periods of time without getting excessively tired.
  • Impact-resistant blade – The factory blade that comes with this product is top quality, and is definitely not just for show. It is expertly made and prevents distortion and bending, and you will get a lot of good uses out of it.

While most users agree that this saw is absolutely worth its price some note that there are some smaller issues that the next models could resolve. They say that the bevel stop at 45 degrees sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t, which is not a deal breaker but can be annoying.

Bottom Line

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw is Skilsaw’s attempt to get back on the horse, and judging by customer feedback, they are succeeding at it. It is a great product geared towards working professionals that will use it frequently. It doesn’t disappoint, and even though it is a bit pricier than other saws on the market, its performance certainly justifies the price.