How to Use a Band Saw

If you have a wood-shop, it is good idea to invest in a good band saw. It will perform a remarkable job when you need to cut smooth curves. It will also comfortably attend to your resawing needs. Below are tips on how to use a band saw.

Clean the Band Saw Prior to Using It​

This is an important step to undertake before using a band saw. Cleaning the band saw reflects on the end result. A clean band saw is the key to a great cut. This demands removing dust and pieces of wood that may have stuck on the band saw previously.

Consider the Type of Blade You Use​

At times, individuals do not accomplish their cutting ambitions because they use the same blade for diverse tasks. This leads to cutting that is of poor quality. When using a band saw, acknowledge the fact that different types of blades implement different tasks. Choose a blade that suits the cutting task in question. For example, if you are cutting thick pieces of wood, it would be best to choose a thick blade. It is strong and does an impeccable job.

Blade Tension Consideration

It is inappropriate to leave the blade tension high if you are not using a band saw. The blade tension should only be raised when a band saw is being used. The level at which the band saw is raised ought to be accurate to attain a great cut.

Check the Blade Guides​

The blade guides ensure the blade is at its rightful place and in a suitable level. The blade guides are supposed to be in close proximity with the blade to enable professional cutting.

Strictly follow safety tips when using a band saw.

Do not only focus on learning how to use a band saw; learn how to use it safely. In light of this, it is essential to understand a few band saw safety tips.​

  • Wear protective devices such as goggles.
  • Turn off the blade when you are not using it.
  • Start cutting when confident that the blade is at its optimal speed.
  • Keep your hands relatively far from the blade.
  • Operate in a properly light wood-shop to attain improved visibility.

Follow the Stipulated Guidelines in Adjusting the Band Saw

Manufacturers of band saws provide users with a set of instructions to assist them in adjusting the blade tension of a band saw. The tension adjustment knob located on either the upper or back part of band saw facilitates this function. Band saw users should adhere to the instructions to properly adjust a band saw. In adjusting the blade tension, users must confirm the blade is tight enough to provide a firm grip during cutting. If it is loose, it will easily slip and cause injuries. Again, the blade should not be extremely tight. It can destroy the band saw. It is always good to confirm one more time that the blade tension is adjusted in line to the guidelines given by the manufacturer.​

Finally, a band saw has the power to turn woodworking into an exciting activity. Mastering all tactics that will improve your ability to use a band saw will simplify your cutting activities.